About us

OneLogix Agritrans was established in 1995 and acquired by the OneLogix Group in December 2020, as part of the group’s strategy to expand its offering in the Agricultural Equipment transport segment.

We specialise in assembling and transporting agricultural equipment like tractors, crop sprayers, and combine harvesters across the country. With our help, you can be sure that your equipment will be stored, assembled, and transported with the utmost care and attention to detail.

We know that you need to move equipment fast, which is why we’ve fine-tuned our services to provide you with the end-to-end, world-class logistics your farm or agricultural business needs to meet your deadlines and stay within your budget every time.


Agritrans aims to provide high quality, world class services that are efficient while meeting and exceeding customer requirements.


We aim to be the supplier of preference in the agricultural equipment market through recognition of our delivery quality and customer service excellence.


A commitment to excellence

Each person is encouraged to continually operate at his/her optimum level and to enjoy contributing their very best performance. Employees are encouraged to improve their skill base in appropriate ways. There is an expectation that each person will operate at high energy levels in seeking optimal solutions to challenges and circumstances.


There is an understanding that intricate and multi-faceted businesses require specialised input from different people. Working with a common goal in mind and encouraging every participant of a team to perform optimally, is central to the OneLogix ethos.


All actions will be based on sound principles and intentions.


Each person will be seen as an individual deserving of respect and dignity.


All people will be treated in a reasonable and equitable manner which will always strive to be objective and fair.


Everyone within the group will be held accountable for their actions both within the business environment and outside of the group within their community.


Staff are trusted to act in the best interests of the company in a reciprocal relationship and trust among colleagues is encouraged at all times.

Technological Infrastructure

Drivecams fitted in all trucks

Driver smart device which allows for real-time POD and digital damage recording

In-house built operational system, using QLIK ® software as an overlay to manage the business.

Centralized 24hr control room monitors the fleet of trucks whilst in transit.